DOB:                          April 18, 2007

Height:                     17 inches

Weight:                     35 pounds     

OFA Hips:                  Good              

CERF:                       Cleared Annually

prcdPRA:                  Clear/Normal

Registered:               AKC/NAMASCUSA                                                                       


Chloe is my daughter’s dog.  She has a very sweet personality, beautiful coat, and wants to please.  She is our happy go lucky girl and produces flashy fun loving puppies. 

Patchwork’s Divine Indica “Indy”

DOB:                          December 20, 2008

Height:                     17 inches

Weight:                     31 pounds     

OFA Hips:                  Good

CERF:                       Clear Annually

prcdPRA:                  Clear/Normal

Registered:               AKC/NAMASCUSA 

Show Results:           Multiple Best of Breed wins, Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite, etc.


Mia is Lexy’s daughter and has been claimed by my daughter as “her dog”.  She has fantastic structure and temperament and literally gives hugs.  Mia is stunning with a deep black coat, full white collar, and rich dark copper. 

CH. Divine Mi Amore  -  “Mia”

Our Dogs

CH. Timeless Beauty So Divine  -  “Lexy”


DOB:                          October 1, 2006

Height:                     16 inches

Weight:                     26 pounds

OFA Hips:                Good

CERF:                       Clear Annually

prcdPRA:                  Carrier  (bred only to Normal/Clear to remove risk of producing affecteds)

Registered:               AKC/NAMASCUSA


Lexy comes to us from Karen Keller of Timeless Aussies.  She has amazing copper and a body to die for.   Lexy’s number one passion is Frisbee and spending time with my husband!  Lexy placed third in her first disc dog competition. 

Lexy playing frisbee

Lexy as a puppy

Located in Southern Oregon

Phone: 541-601-6691


 CH. Divine Princess Chloe — ”Chloe”

Lexy at 5 years

Chloe and Lisa

Chloe as a lifeguard

Chloe and Lisa at the Beach

Mia as a puppy

Mia as Santa with Michelle

Mia at 3 years

We strive to produce all “show-quality” dogs for our pet owners, because they are physically superior.  What this means for you is that your puppies have a better chance of leading a healthy life.  We incorporate medical/genetic tests to minimize possible genetic diseases in the Mini Aussies improving the health of the breed.  We do not utilize genetic tests that are not based on valid scientific principles.